Knockfarrel Produce started life in 2010 - when we upscaled from a walled garden in Cromarty to our 40 acre croft.  We are:

Jo Hunt Lorna Walker

Finlay and Angus

jo lorn boys
"We have always had an interest in good food, and dislike the supermarket model of transporting food huge distances, with little thought for the people who grew it and the impact on the environment"  "The chickens and pigs are my domain.  I enjoy the noises they make, the repetitive nature of tasks, and generally making sure they are having nice lives" "We like helping out at the markets, and taking eggs round to our neighbours, to earn extra pocket money.   I want to build a log cabin out of our trees when they are big enough"
The Polytunnels The Fields The chickens
We have several 30m polytunnels which provide a protected growing space for salad, baby leaves, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Our outside field area grows root veg, cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli etc We have a splendid insulated, larch clad chicken house for our flock of free range hens – who are laying lovely brown eggs with bright yellow yolks.


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